Monthly Archives: May 2017

Back with Spring Surprises!

Dear friends,

Happy spring!  I’ve been away from the Chronicles due to an illness, but have returned  — and with great news.  Mehta Publishers accepted my book, A Father’s Wish: the Tale of King Big Bear for publication.  The story is now entering the distribution phase.  I will keep you posted when it’s available for sale, which will be soon.

For those who are new subscribers, I’d like to introduce you to King Big Bear in the form of this print.  He’s not only the star of my first fairy tale, but also a regular figure in my artwork.

This picture of him in his bookshelf house reflects his love of reading.  It comes as a print (which can be used as a greeting card as well) on

You can give this as, for example, a graduation gift, or a birthday gift.  Book lovers will also enjoy The King Reads in Private.

I have another goodie for you.  At checkout use code UKKFLB to get 65% off your purchase on

There are also other prints there that would be suitable for Mother’s Day, weddings, etc.  The coupon code applies to any work of art on

The sale ends on May 15th.

Christine Corretti, Ph.D.